I Guess Nice Just Ain't My Color.

"The most appealing quality any person can possess is confidence. There is just something really attractive about someone who is comfortable in their own skin." [MaggieQ] <3

"Butterflies are God's proof that we can have a second chance at life." - Alexandra Udinov [Lyndsy Fonseca] <3
currently watching: a boat load of shows.

My favorite movie is Life As We Know it.

otps: [Nikita&Michael] [Lucas&Peyton] [Neal&Emma] [Castle&Beckett] [Spencer&Toby] [Thea&Roy] [Vincent&Cat] [Oliver&Laurel] [Juliette&Avery] [Emily&Aiden] [Chuck&Blair]. <3
“If two people are meant to be together, eventually they’ll find their way back.” - Chuck Bass.


  • characters have a good first interaction: i ship it
  • characters have a bad first interaction: i ship it
  • characters tease and taunt each other: i ship it
  • characters acting protective over each other: i ship it

In my free time, I almost exclusively wear casual clothes like jeans and t-shirts: anything comfortable and no couture. It’d be impossible to climb trees wearing heels and evening gowns!

Emily & Zooey + growing up together

it runs in the family: Emily and Zooey Deschanel
"I grew up believing my sister was from the planet Neptune and had been sent down to Earth to kill me. I believed this because my sister Emily convinced me of it when I was a toddler. There’s a part of me that still believes it. I have moments when I think, ‘Hmm, could that be true?’ Occasionally I ask my sister about it and she responds by pulling an alien face, which only confuses matters."

Jess Day and Temperance Brennan

You mind telling me what the hell that was all about?

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To all those lost souls who have forgotten to believe in the immensity of love.


Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell and Troian Bellisario at Coachella.


Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell and Troian Bellisario at Coachella.


when people try to argue with you about something you clearly know more about


Suddenly he presses a hand to my stomach. My heart pounds so hard my chest hurts, and I stare at him, wide-eyed.

"Never forget to keep tension here," he says in a quiet voice.

Four lifts his hand and keeps walking. I feel the pressure of his palm even after he’s gone. It’s strange, but I have to stop and breathe for a few seconds before I can keep practicing again.

Fourtris <3


why are men so afraid of women having leg hair???????? women have to put up with ur chest hair and back hair and gross pubic hair and scratchy facial hair all the time and u dont shave that bc ‘it takes too much time’ like…????? ok thanks for ur hypocrisy u dried up sink sponge


I don’t use condoms ;)

not because i like to practice unsafe sex but because I never have sex

Have you guys ever seen yourself on an IMAX screen?

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